Generator Photography


I came across this at a local store recently, one of the very few that still have a decent magazine rack.  Man, I really miss Borders.  Anyway.

This is the PHOTOGRAPHY section of the rack.  In fact, this isn’t even all of it, I just wanted to get the sign in the shot.  The magazines about photography stretch to the left far outside the frame.  There are a lot of magazines devoted to photography.

I had enough free time to browse through several of these periodicals.  Lots of information.  Some really good technical articles.  Lots of pictures.  Lots of stuff.  And, frankly, lots of information I don’t know anything about.  I wish I could subscribe to all these publications and keep abreast about all the myriad and manifold aspects of photography every month.

It’s daunting to be confronted with how much you don’t actually know.

Let’s get something straight from the very beginning.  I have been making art pretty much my whole life.  I have been doing photography for a large part of that stretch.  I didn’t just wander into the camera section of Target and decide to pick up photography on a whim.  This is what I do.  I know my stuff.

Or, more correctly, I know enough about photography to truly, deeply understand that I do not really know anything at all about photography.

I appreciate that, as a first blog post, this is the probably the part where I should be bragging, where I should be shouting to the rooftops and anyone else who would listen that I’m good enough, great even, and certainly worthy of having my own website and blog and business (eventually).

But, if I waited for the “right” time, the “right” conditions, or if waited to acquire all the “right” skills, I would have never taken this step of faith.

So here I am.  And here is Generator Photography, my business, my passion, my art brought out to the world.  Here we go.

Hopefully it’s going to be a wild ride.  And I would love for you to come along.


2 thoughts on “Generator Photography

  1. Most of these magazines, are, in my opinion anyway, full of nonsense and stuff that would bore you to tears. The only UK mag I read is one which has a focus on the business side, the rest I get from fashion mags!

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