My Dad’s Cameras

So, out of nowhere my 83 year old father pulls out a dusty, beat up cardboard box I’ve never seen, and gives it to me. In the box are these:

Argus Model A2

Agfa Optima III S

Kodak Retina I

Bell & Howell 8mm

44 years I’ve been on this earth, and hand over heart I’ve never seen any of these before.

I know my dad was a bit of a shutter bug, but I’ve only known him to use a Canon film SLR camera he bought back in the 80s.

I mean, he always shows me these black and white pics from when he was growing up during the depression, the war, when he was in the service and for a time afterwards. I just never thought he actually kept the cameras he used.

So, now, I’ve been gifted with these four absolutely amazing old school tools.

Anyone know anything about any of these? I’ve googled them a bit, but I was wondering if anyone had any first hand experience with these? Or, if there was a go-to antique camera website people used to get more info?

Also, anyone know where I can get 8mm? And I’m not talking that crappy Nic Cage movie, either.

I guess the other question is, which one do I use first?


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