Sorry About Facebook

I just wanted say sorry about facebook.

It’s not that I’ve posted anything inappropriate, or false, or inflammatory.  Quite the opposite, in fact. I really haven’t posted much at all lately.  Or, at least not much of my own content.  What I have been posting, and I’ve been doing this since I kicked off Generator Photography back in January, was simply sharing articles from the web that interested me.  Photography articles, fine art articles, reviews about gear.

This is what I do. I find things that I like and I share them with other people.  Hopefully, like minded people.  It’s mostly what I do with my regular facebook account.  It’s mostly what I’ve done all my life.  You know that person who cuts out pictures from magazines and tapes them into a collage on their wall?  That’s me.  I still do it.  You should see my desk at work.  I’m 44 years old.

It’s kind of sad, actually.

I realize that I should be doing more self-promotion.  I see other people’s newsfeeds and I see people getting excited about the project their working on, traveling from place to place, giving tantalizing hints about projects they’re working on.  It’s exciting.  However, I have a day job and kids.  I’m working all this during my off hours.  Sometimes I’m not able to get out and about as much as I would like.  Sometimes I have to prioritize.

And sometimes, I’m not posting because I just get in a rut.

Desert Star

This can also become a problem.

From my lifelong experience within the arts, I know that there is an ebb and flow to the creative process.  Ask anyone who is creative: writers, painters, musicians, quantum physicists.  There are times when you are going forward, full-bore, a thousand miles an hour, and then there are times when you couldn’t pull up a creative thought with a heavy-duty winch and a dozen 4×4’s.

We exist in a world, however, that is not as forgiving about the slow periods in the creative process as it has been in the past.  Today we are encouraged to produce fresh, exciting content on a consistent basis.  You should be generating buzz!  You should be increasing traffic!

And, if you are building a business, those certainly are good things.

However, I’m not convinced this is normal.  I’m not even convinced this is healthy.  And I’ve already explained that this is one of the reasons why I’m not on Twitter.

Yes, I want to bring people to my blog, and to my webpage, and to my 500px page.  Yes, I want to increase traffic.  Yes, I want people to be excited about my work.  And my art.  However, what I do not want to have is my nose to the grindstone simply for the sake of having my nose to the grindstone.  It hurts my nose.  And it rarely makes great work.

So, I confess right now, there are times when I just won’t be posting as much.  It’s not because I’ve given up on the whole endeavor, far from it.  It will simply be because I’ve had to make a temporary choice about my priorities.  Or, I could just be out shooting.  Or, I could just be in a rut.

Because I’m not on Twitter, I rely mainly on my facebook feed to keep everyone up to date on my work.  That’s what I use facebook for, my main newsfeed.  But, more than that, I sincerely see it as an extension of who I am.

Of course, I will try to put up new content as much as possible. I will also continue to post articles what are of interest to me, and hopefully you too.

It’s just who I am, and what I do.


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