The Six Month Progress Report

Self Portrait in Denver Airport

Generator Photography is six months old.  Give or take.  Hooray!

In December, 2012, I started this project rolling by acquiring the domain name, getting my SmugMug account and sorting out my inventory of photographs, choosing which ones I thought were good enough to represent my work and my vision.

I did not have a business plan.  I didn’t really have too many long term goals.  I understand that’s probably not the best way to start a business.  Fools jump in, etc.

My goals for the first year were simple: Keep up the (good) work.  That’s it.  I figured if I can find a good business name (which, by the way, took me several years and many tries), find and build a website, a facebook page, a 500px page and whatever other media outlets I can find, get business cards, and genuinely build my brand, that would be a good enough start.  From there, my plan was to just see if I could keep it all rolling.  My challenge to myself to was to keep shooting, as close to every day as possible.  And not just quantity, but see if I could continually post quality content as well.  Not only build my brand, but continue to grow as a photographer and, in a sense, as an artist.

And keep up everything else as well.  Blog regularly, post often, try to do some interesting projects as well.  I’ve managed to do most of that.  Hopefully you, gentle reader, will agree.

Obviously, there are things I had planned to do that just haven’t happened yet.  The main goal I’ve been unable to reach so far, and this frustrates me the most, is the showing of my work in the real world.  I had really planned to have at least one picture in a gallery by now.  I bought a wonderful mat cutter at the beginning of the year which is just gathering dust.  It kills me to see it just sitting idle.  Very soon I will try to pursue this more.  There really is no feeling like printing out your work and seeing it showing on a real wall, in a real space with real light.  Being looked at by real people.  I assure you, if you are a photographer and you aren’t printing and showing, you are truly missing out.

The other project that hasn’t come to fruition yet has been the Blurb book.  I gave an update on it back in late May, where I had shared that I had printed a test copy and passed it around to collect feedback.  After receiving a lot of amazing input from people who are all far more talented than me, I revised some of the layout and a much of the content.  As of today, it’s finished.  Mostly.  All I need is to raise the funds for a printing.

Well, and here’s a bit of a spoiler, there might be a second book in the works.  Even before I released the first.  We’ll see.  Stay tuned.

And that’s it.  If I was to grade myself, I’d probably give myself a solid B.  I set goals, achieved most, slacked off with some. I would definitely put myself ahead of the curve.  But, you know, not really graduating with honors just yet.


What is next?  For the next six months, more of the same.  Getting out quality content, writing consistently for this blog, and trying to fill in some of the gaps where projects have fell behind.   Come hell or high water, I will have a book for sale.  Sooner, rather than later, but definitely by the end of the year.

Then, after the one year mark, I fear I might need to start making some deep, dark decisions.  Like grown up choices and stuff.  About gear, about workflow, and about truly operating as a business.  With a plan and everything.  As before, we’ll see.

But, for now, I’ll just be keeping on, keeping on.  Doing what I love, and feeling truly blessed about doing it.

And, as always, thank you so much for joining me on this journey.  All of this would be nothing without your support, and your encouragement.


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