My Updated Site, What Gear I Covet, And How I’m Like Hot Topic

Soul Trash

As I have mentioned in several recent facebook posts, my main website has gotten a bit of a facelift.

Generator Photography

And, as I have also said, please drop by and let me know what you think of the revamp, I’m always open to honest critique.

The revamping of the site has also caused me to think about how I need to update the content.  My plan for that site has always been to be more of a portfolio site rather than something that was updated daily.  But, I know there is always room for re-evaluation.  And, because of all this, I have also come to wonder if some other things around the office here at Generator Headquarters need updating.  Specifically, my essay on Punk Photography.

Punk Photography

If you haven’t read that, I highly recommend you do, if for no other reason than I might take it down at any moment.

The essay can be broken down to describe two areas I think need to be shaken up in modern photography: gear and style.  I still adhere to those basic ideas.  I believe that great art can be made with the barest of equipment.  I also believe that far too much effort is concentrated on the sharpness and gloss of a photograph at the expense of it’s soul.

But, the more I read that essay, the more I have to be honest with myself.  It’s kind of a stretch.   Let me explain.

I used to say that Punk Photography is what I do.  The reality is that Punk Photography is what I’d like to think I do.  Or, more specifically, Punk Photography is what I am forced to do because I just can’t afford anything else.

The ugly truth is, if I had more money, I would get more gear.  A lot more. I would love an 85mm lens.  Hell, I’ve love a decent 50mm f/1.8 lens.  I would love to have an upgrade on my Photoshop Elements, I would love to have the latest edition of Adobe Lightroom.  I covet camera flashes, reflectors, and soft boxes.  I dream of one day doing a photoshoot where I don’t look like a complete newbie toting around just one camera, two lenses and nothing else.

And don’t even get me started on my desire for a full frame camera.

The cold, hard reality is that I don’t have any of that stuff.  And, the way things are looking, I’m not going to have any of that stuff for a long, long while.  I’m poor, and I ain’t making one single penny off my photography.

I’m not a Punk Photographer by choice, I’m simply a Punk Photographer by circumstance.  I’m not punk like The Damned are punk.  I’m punk like Hot Topic is punk.

So, does that mean I stop?  Give up?  No, because my success or failure of my art has never been about how much money I have, or how much money I can get for my work.  The success or failure of my art has always, and will always, be judged by the quality of the work that I create.

I want to create something wonderful.  Every time.  I just want to be a little more honest and transparent about my motivations.

If I could sell out, I probably would.  I’m just sayin’.

But, while I would love to have more gear, as of right now I am doing far more with less. Which is what I have been doing.  And what I will continue to do.  I know I do more with much less than many photographers out there.  I don’t sit around and mope about what I don’t have.  I accentuate the positive, and eliminate the negative.

I do what I love. And I work hard at it. Regardless of the cost.

Maybe that’s the most punk thing after all.





3 thoughts on “My Updated Site, What Gear I Covet, And How I’m Like Hot Topic

  1. Nice post. I have just started to get more serious about photography on my own blog, and not being able to afford anything more than the camera I have now. It is nice to see someone taking great pictures of cars without a truck load of equipment and photography. It gives me hope.

    • When I was getting seriously back into photography, all I had was a Canon A1000 point and shoot. I used that for over a year. It was great, just really learing how to compose a shot, learning about light and processing. It was great. Don’t sweat gear, focus on content, what you want people to see.

      And, I’m glad I give someone else hope!

      • Thanks for the tips. I did get to borrow a friends DSLR for a car show last night. It was nice to give me a reference as to what was me vs the camera. The DSLR took clearer pictures, so at least I know I am not doing that wrong. I just know I need to work on getting the angle and look I want. Still trying to figure out how to get some of the curves on the cars to show up in a picture like they look in real life.
        But if it was easy, everyone would do it.

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