A Quick Word About Watermarks

1962 Ford Thunderbird facebook

I’ve decided to start including watermarks on my photographs.

So, starting immediately, I will be backtracking a bit. I am taking down the most recent facebook posts from this past Cars & Coffee gathering, and reposting them with the watermarks.

Know this: it is not about stealing.  I will not be uploading my photographs to my main site, my flickr page or my 500px account with watermarks.  I have put in preventative measures on all of those sites to prevent unauthorized downloading.   However, you and I both know that anyone with basic hacking skills just needs a minute to supersede those measures.  Which is fine, frankly.  If someone wants my work that much, I’m flattered.  And I have several reverse-image searches that I use for my more popular images just to spot check if anything is being used without my permission.

No, this is about receiving credit for my work.  The reality is that I need to start acting like my work is worth something.

When someone shares something off of the Generator Photography facebook page, it links back to this page.  But, a lot of times people don’t really notice that.  After the second and third share, then it tends to get lost in the shuffle.  And, if there is no identifying mark on the photo, then there is no way to see where the credit goes.

And people have been sharing a lot of my work lately.

Which is GREAT!  Please don’t get me wrong, I WANT you to share my photographs on your pages.  I love it when people get excited about my photography.

But I need to start making sure that, as the more people are sharing my photographs, the buzz about Generator Photography is increasing as well.  Again, I need to start acting like my work is worth something.

When I started getting serious about my photography several years ago, and specifically when I started Generator Photography back in January, I had very humble goals for this year.  And, on many levels, I have surpassed them.  I have to confess something here, I have never thought that this many people would be interested in my work.  I honestly thought that maybe a dozen people or so would be regularly seeing my work.  Two dozen, tops.

I am so excited about how this is taking off.  But, as it does, I need to begin to get serious about certain elements of this business.  This step is part of that beginning.

And let me make one more import point, and I cannot stress this enough here.  I wouldn’t be anywhere without your support. If I don’t share it with other people, and those people don’t share it with even more people, then I believe this is all for nothing.  

I started this page for a reason, to show my work.  And, with your help, I have been amazed how far I have gotten is such a short time.

This is just a step to make sure that this buzz continues.

Please let me know if you hate it.  Or love it.  If you think it’s a wise move, or I’m just being a jerk.  Be honest, you won’t hurt my feelings.  Promise.



5 thoughts on “A Quick Word About Watermarks

    • Thanks. I really dislike it when people put a huge watermark directly across an image, or make it really obvious somewhere in the frame. The plan was always subtle and discreet. I might even make them a smidge smaller, we’ll see.

      But, again, thanks for the feedback!

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