On Inspiration

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When I started Generator Photography I didn’t have any concrete goals or specific metrics laid out to gauge success or failure, but I did have a fair idea of what I wanted to do, and a general direction of where I wanted to go.  Maybe that’s not the best way to start something, but I reasoned that if I waited around to formally form a business plan, with everything that entails, I would have never got started.  And, at 45, time isn’t necessarily on my side.

I felt it was better to just jump in and see if I could swim later.

However, within these vague goals and ill-defined plans, there have been things that have come up that I would have never anticipated.  In a million years.

In the last few months, I have had several people contact me and tell me how I’ve inspired them.  Either someone has seen my Blurb books and said I have inspired them to start organizing and showing their own photographs, or they have seen a particular shot of mine and told me they have tried to emulate it in their own photography.

This, friends, blows me away.  Hand over heart, I would have never seen that one coming.

And it makes everything so worth it.

So, I just want to say a quick thank you for everyone’s kind words.  Again, what ever happens to Generator Photography in the future, whether this becomes a huge success or a crashing failure, to know that I have inspired people to look at the world differently, to up their game, to have more confidence in their own work, that alone would be its own reward.

Keep being awesome, friends.


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