One Is The Loneliest Number


This, honestly, will probably be my one and only blog post in December.

When I first got Generator Photography up and running in the beginning of 2013, I really tried to create a multi-level approach to getting my work out there.  Obviously, my main photo sharing pages with flickr and 500px were the center of this.  But, I knew that I needed my facebook page to serve the daily interaction with people who are following my progress, and I wanted this blog to be the more in-depth place where I could share experiences, tips and tricks, and let you in on my forward planning.

This blog was never supposed to be a chore.  I love writing.  If I wasn’t going to be a visual artist, then I knew I was going to play bass guitar in a blues/prog rock band.  But, if neither one of those occupations worked out, then I knew I could make a go at being a writer.

From August of 2010 through December of 2012, I did a daily blog called Cool Song Of The Day.  Man, I seriously loved doing that, and I would restart it in a heartbeat if I knew I could make the time somewhere.  Writing about music, sharing cool stories, making stuff up, it was a brilliant experience.  And, somehow I wanted that vibe I created from CSOTD to transfer to this blog.

Sadly, however, that hasn’t happened.  Mostly because I busted my ass for hours upon hours each week creating posts for that blog.  Lately, I just haven’t had the time.  Everything has been going into working on my photography.

So, instead of continuing to keep putting it off and putting it off, I thought I would just write this one, quickie post, just to get something up and out there.  Just so I know I haven’t skipped an entire month.

I will give a full on State Of The Union address in January, but just know that we’ve finished up the year shockingly well.  As in, I’m shocked about how well it’s all going.  I mean, truly humbled and amazed about the quality of work that’s coming out, and about how many people are following my pages, not just on facebook, but on flickr & 500px as well.

And that’s down to you, gentle reader.  All this would be nothing without your support and encouragement.  I am truly grateful.  And thankful.

Also, with the opening of my storefront on Etsy, I know that the commercial element of Generator Photography is ready to hit the ground running in 2014.

On a technical level, I’ve sold my Tamron 17-50mm zoom, and I’m moving to use prime lenses only.  Explaining the reasons behind that decision will certainly be it’s own blog post in the new year, but it’s something I’m very excited about.  I know it doesn’t seem like something to get overly excited about.  Photographers are a weird lot, us.  But, in short, what it shows is my increased confidence in my vision, my technical ability, and the knowledge of my equipment.  Again, I’ll unpack all that later.

Right now I’m just finishing up some killer shoots from last weekend, I know you’ve seen the amazing rides I’ve been lucky enough to work with.  My plan for the rest of December is to work on my Christmas Lights project, my study of the use of holiday decorations in suburbia.  It’s the kind of artsy-fartsy venture that I don’t get much of a chance to do these days.

Or, you know, whatever comes up.  We’ll see.

But, there you have it, my one, lonely, blog post for December.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season.  I hope that the true spirit of remembrance and reconciliation trump the forced, false spirit of consumerism and commercialism.  I hope that you can find peace among the hustle, and joy despite the turmoil.

And, again, thank you.

See you in 2014.



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