I’m A Twit

Iron Horse facebook

We’re killing two New Year’s Resolutions with this post.  In my previous post, 2014 – The Plan, I made two specific resolutions: to sign up for twitter, and to write shorter blogs, but do them more often.  Bam!  Done, and done.

Yes, folks, I’m a twit.  Please follow me as I begin my adventure on twitter: @GeneratorPhotog


The above picture was my very first tweet.  I don’t know what I’m doing.

That’s part of the problem.  I need to find out what exactly I want to do with this.  I need to find my voice on this. Should I just repost things I post on facebook?  Will I build a different audience on twitter?  Should I vary, post something here, an other thing somewhere else?  That honestly sounds like a lot of work.

As I originally posted at the beginning of last year, I never even wanted to be on twitter.  I didn’t have the time.  I still don’t, if I’m honest.  What has changed?  During the last year facebook had become my main social media outlet, but there have been changes to facebook that I’m not entirely comfortable with.  The short answer is that I don’t think all my posts are entirely reaching my audience.

So, I’m keeping my options open.  Have you seen MySpace lately?  It’s actually looking kind of cool.

I’m learning new things about twitter daily.  I used to make fun of the whole #hashtag thing, but I tell you what, that’s actually pretty cool.  Recently there was a brush fire in the San Gabriel Mountains in California where I used to live.  I went to twitter and typed #Colbyfire and #Glendora and I immediately got to see what other people were talking about, what pictures people were posting.  It was very cool.  The twitter, not the fire.  Fire bad.

So, here we are.  Please follow me on twitter, and please continue to follow my facebook feed.  I promise to keep bringing it, to keep improving, keep sharing the best photography I possibly can.  Share, comment, and tell me what you think.

2014 is getting better day by day.  Stay tuned, great stuff is coming.


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