Lessons Learned

I got my ass kicked this past week.

Not literally, though it’s entirely possible.  I’m overweight and live a sedentary lifestyle so I wouldn’t last five seconds in a proper bar brawl.

No, what happened is that I got cocky, and thought I knew more than I did.

Maybe I’m making this sound more dramatic than it actually was.  What happened is this.

I’ve stated that one of my goals for this year was to get my Etsy Shop up and really running.  This past month I’ve been working on making prints to sell there.  I finally got several shots ready and sent them out to the printers.  They came back horrible.  I mean, really rubbish.

The thing is, I don’t know that much about printing.  Or print profiles or color management or any of those things that are necessary to making great prints.  I just got cocky and assumed that whatever I printed would look like magic.  I mean, I’ve got over 1,400 followers on facebook, that must mean I know what I’m doing, right?

No. It doesn’t.

And this is why I love photography.  There is always something to learn, something more to know.  And, I needed to remember that.  There really is a world of knowledge involved in photography that I haven’t even touched on, in terms of lighting, printing, post-processing, working with models…What I know about photography is akin to a tennis ball in the center of an airplane hanger.  Yeah, it’s like that.

That’s the other thing about photography, which is also like many other things in life; every time you get cocky, you get lazy, and every time you get lazy, it has the ability to give you a solid wake-up kick to the nuts.

So, I took my lumps, then reworked everything, and I’ll be going back to the printers this week.  Fingers crossed, we’ll get this up and running by next week or so.  Here’s a preview of how one of the final prints will look :

Green Impala - PRINT test

Holy hell, I love that.

And, one other thing, this is why I haven’t opened up my main webpage or 500px site to offering prints.  I don’t want random people ordering something and having the print come out looking like garbage.  The choices I make about the quality of my brand, and how other people are going to view by brand, are crucial at this early stage of Generator Photography.

I only want to put out the best I can.  In this, as with everything else I do here.

So, like I always say, stay tuned, good stuff is coming.  And this time, it’s going to look great on your walls!


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