1964 Cadillac


Pentax K-01 | Pentax DA 21mm f/3.2 | f/3.5 | 1/400 | ISO 400 | October, 2014

I don’t usually use my 21mm lens. I love wide angle lenses, but not for cars. I’ve always disliked the extreme, distorted perspective lines that wide angle lenses give cars. I used to do a lot of urban and suburban photography. I had a Tamron 17-50mm zoom for the longest time and that thing was on 17mm constantly. It was great for sides of buildings. Not so much for cars.

I’m a 50mm man. I have a 50mm on my K-01 and it’s glorious. When I rented the 6D, it really came alive for me with the 50mm lens I rented. I like the bokeh that 50mm lenses give me, I like the normal perspective, I like the sharpness of prime lenses. I bought this 21mm lens a while ago thinking I was going to get back into urban landscape photography, and it just never happened. So, it’s just been sitting at the bottom of my camera bag.

Until this shoot. I chose a location with really huge, cool looking power lines, and my 50mm just wasn’t cutting it. It wasn’t giving me the large scope that I had in my head. So, I broke out my 21mm, thinking I was just going to get one or two shots. I ended up using it for about half of the shoot. Including the above shot, which I just think is boss. Those are some great lines, and the angles are just exaggerated enough to make it interesting without going overboard. I would have never gotten this shot with my 50mm.

And, I went to two shows today and found ways to use that lens there too.

The lesson: There’s no point in having a tool in your toolbox if you never use it. If you have a lens you haven’t used in a while, then either sell it, or bust that baby out and start shooting!


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