The Ladder Series

1955 Chevy

Pentax K-01 | Pentax DA 50mm f/1.8 | f/4.5 | 1/800 | ISO 100 | June, 2014

If you’ve seen any automotive photography you’ve probably seen people shoot from a standard, standing, average point of view. If the person has been shooting a while, they will go down and get those low shots. Then really low, then straight on the ground worm’s eye point of view shots. But, honestly, where do you go from there?

Up. That’s where. I started taking ladders to car shows. It’s been great, I’ve made a whole series of shots from up on my ladder. You get some weird looks, sure, but what artist doesn’t?

The ladder itself isn’t that tall. My fear is that I will lose my balance and fall onto somebody’s sweet ride and get then the shit kicked out of me. So, it’s a medium sized step ladder. But it does help in getting shots like this.

This picture was a huge step forward for me. I finally broke through that wall of just trying to make the vehicle look good, to trying to make a finished picture. It is one of the few pictures I have that I would love to see printed large, matted and framed and exhibited in a gallery.


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