2014 – The Plan In Review

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Back in January, I did a post about my plan for 2014.  As it’s getting close to the end of December, I thought it would be interesting to revisit that, see what went well and what didn’t go as plan, and try to use that to help build up the plan for 2015.

I’ll post what I said in that blog, and I’ll follow with the results:

The Plan: “Get known: This means more than getting followers on facebook (or twitter, see below), it means really establish my brand as a premier automotive photographer.  I have been dancing around the issue because I truly love doing other types of photography, specifically my urban and suburban landscape work.  And there’s a part of me that doesn’t want to get “weighed down with labels”, or some other hippy-sounding, pseudo-marketing bullcrap.  However, I really need to just bite the bullet and say, “I shoot cars, this is what I do.”  Obviously, with the caveat, “And I’m really good at it.””

The Result: Good to Very Good.  I’m very happy with my facebook page.  Yes, with the numbers, but more than that I really enjoy the community that has come up around that page.  I haven’t had any problems, no drama, no trolls – it’s been really great.  I’ve upped my numbers on twitter, and also started to find my voice for twitter, too.  I just wish I had more time to develop that.  As far as establishing “my brand”, I’m not too sure.  Look, let’s face facts, I enjoy shooting much more than I enjoy marketing.  And I’m a far better photographer than I am a salesman.  I think coming to those to realizations are going to have an impact on my future goals.

The Plan: “Get portraits:  I understand that I just wrote about clearly defining my identity as an automotive photographer, but I would really love to start including people in my work.  Some of my favorite shots I’ve ever done have been about people.  It’s a challenge for my artistic side of the brain, and it will help me learn and develop techniques that I can carry over into my automotive photography.  If you want me to take your picture, let me know.  Seriously.”

The Result: Fail. Total fail. But it’s still a high priority and something I will definitely put high up on my goals for next year.  Probably the highest priority I’ll have.

The Plan: “Get legit: I would like to get a proper business license.  Be, like, all official and stuff.”

The Result: Fail. Total fail. We’ll see how I feel about this next year.

The Plan: “Get twitter: I love the action I’m getting on facebook, but I just can’t help but think that more and more of my posts are getting lost in the facebook algorithm tap-dance.  And as facebook continues to push for people to pay for posts, I really think I need to expand my social media presence.  I’ll try to get this up and running in the next month or so.”

The Result: Good to Very Good.  I’m growing more followers, finding more photographers, getting more inspiration and really looking to be even better at the whole tweeting thing in 2015.

The Plan: “Get blogging:  Do shorter blogs, and more of them.  I tend to do long winded blogs every once in a while.  I’m going to try to do far less writing but much more often.”

The Result: Push.  I think I’m ending the year where I started.  I got some good posts in for the year, but I don’t think I gained any ground.  But, again, didn’t lose ground either.  So, push.

The Plan: “Get interesting projects:  I want to shoot with more purpose.  I like doing projects, many shots on one theme or idea.  I have this great idea about garages.  Stay tuned.”

The Result: Fail.  But, like portraits, my interest is this is still very high.  We’ll see what kind of ground I can break on this for 2015.

The Plan: “Get gear:  I got full-frame fever, friends.  I’ve been talked out of it a couple of times, and I honestly don’t think this is the year I’ll get a true upgrade in terms of my camera.  But it’s coming.  At best, I see myself maybe ponying up for the new Pentax K-3, which everyone says is an outstanding piece of kit.  We’ll see.  But for now, I’m just getting a 21mm lens to round out my move to prime lenses only, I’m upgrading my software (new versions of Photoshop Elements and Lightroom) and maybe a flash.  I would love to start doing strobist stuff.  Especially if I want to start doing portraits.”

The Result: VICTORY! I didn’t think it would happen, but in November I got my full frame fever cured with my D610

D610 blog

I love everything about it. I love the pictures it takes, I love that I can even do timelapse photography with it.  Seriously, it’s rocked my world, and I’ve only had it for a month.

The Plan: “Get selling:  Really ramp up my Etsy shop.  And maybe even start selling prints through my main website.”

The Result: Fail.  But, I’m not that bothered.  I’ll explain why in another blog post.

The Plan: “Get paid:  I love shooting, I really truly do.  And if this goes nowhere other than being a hobby for me, I’m totally OK with this.  Nothing is going to stop me doing what I do.  However, man it would be nice to get a paying gig every once in a while.”

The Result: Fail. Utter Failure.

So, in review, 2014 was a pretty crappy year in terms of accomplishing goals.  But, does that mean I’m just going to give up?  Well, possibly.  I don’t know yet.

No, probably not.  We’ll see.  I’m in a mood, I apologize.  After I stop crying and put on my big girl pants it’ll all be fine.

What I did do in 2014 is what I’ve always been good at.  Just getting out there and shooting.  I’m very happy with my overall output this year, even if I didn’t do much with it.

I think my skills in post production just keep getting stronger and more diverse, and that’s actually very important.

If nothing else, I will be back in January with a new plan for a new year.  Until then, friends, thank you so much for all your support and feedback.  It really is all about you, and you guys and gals rock.  Have a Happy Holidays and a great new year, and we’ll see you in January!


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