The Burden Of Quality Control


Just a quick note to follow up from my last blog post, I still haven’t heard from Nikon, other than their acknowledgement that they received my D610 for repair.  It’s been over a month now since I mailed my camera to them.  Disappointed.  Very disappointed.  Maybe they are swamped with all the D750s they have recalled.  Oh boy.

However, on the upside, I have totally warmed to my D5300.  I had mentioned that I thought it was a sideways move in terms of image quality from my Pentax K-01, but I think that was just me being a grumpy gills.  It is better, and with much improved autofocus, and some far superior lenses, I’m more than happy with leaving Pentax.  Maybe I should have forsaken the full frame dream, saved myself some coin and hassle and just gone with the D7100, and been happy.  Who knows.


This past weekend was 1st Annual Red Car and Bike Valentines Get Together, sponsored by the Las Vegas Lugnut and Hellkat Car Shows.  It was an outstanding meet with a parking lot full of beautiful red cars and lots of great people.  I had some cool conversations, chilled out and genuinely had a good time.  And I took loads of pictures.  Most will not see the light of day.

See that top pic?  That’s it, that’s the one I have processed so far.  And, frankly, I’ll probably stop right there.  Now, please understand, this is no reflection on the show, the cars, the owners, or the organizers. This is just my (in)ability to capture what I wanted.

Hey, listeners, from the Grooveyard Of Forgotten Favorites here’s the sweet sounds of the Excuses Serenade, ah five six seven eight: the cars were too close together I got there late and the light was bad there were too many people cluttering up my shots the backgrounds all sucked all the red cars eventually blended into each other so nothing really stood out dah do run run run dah do run run.

Of course, all that is bullshit.  The reality is that every shoot is a learning experience and I’ve still got a whole hell of a lot to learn.

So, do I just post any ol’ thing simply for the sake of posting it?  I’m thinking not.

Here’s why.  I’m not saying I’m some wizard with a DSLR, and everything I produce is magic.  What I am saying is that I’m more interested in being proud of what I publish, rather than being proud of how much I publish.

I would rather post one really great pic per week than force myself to generate dozens and dozens of mediocre shots just to keep the numbers up.

What does this mean, that I won’t post crap photos in future?  Of course I will.  But, hopefully, there will be a reason for me putting up something, like I’m learning a new processing technique, or I’m trying out something artsy and experimental, and I want to show everyone what I’m working on.  Or, just because it’s fun.

The minute this stops being fun, it is all getting shut down.  All of it.  Fact.

I have always said that this is a journey.  This site, my photography, my art, it’s all in motion.  Which means sometimes you go full throttle, and sometimes you need to pump the breaks before you do something stupid.


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