We’re Back.

Sady 01 _sm

And we’re back from hiatus.  With a vengeance, I might add.

I had said on my last blog post that I needed to put family first for a while, and place my photography on the back burner.   My wife went away to help her father convalesce after a bad patch, and everything is better now.  Not perfect, not really even good, but better.  Thank you for asking.

Here on the home front, I had said that even though I was taking everything back a notch or three, there were two specific things I was still going to work on.  First, was the Las Vegas Balloon Festival, and the second was a special photoshoot I had been planning for several weeks before.

First, the Balloon Festival.

Balloon Fest sm 05

I said I had been thinking about shooting the balloon festival with only my 85mm lens. Really try to focus on color and composition rather than merely documentation with a wide angle lens like most photographers do. Mission accomplished. I really was able to capture some fantastic shapes and colors. I was also able to get some wonderful shots from the accompanying carnival, check out my album on flickr.

Las Vegas Balloon Festival, 2015

As far as that “other” photoshoot I was talking about, it was about this:

1956 Merc 01 _sm

This gorgeous creature has been my white whale for a while now.  I’ve been chasing this down for a photoshoot for a long time, and it finally all came together.  Confession: The night before this shoot, my water heater started to leak. I made sure to try to patch it up as well as I could and didn’t want to call the landlord because I thought they would make me stay at home until a plumber came.  I vowed to call only after the photoshoot, that’s how much I wanted this.  It was all worth it.

The bonus was that I got to shoot with two great models.  Edith, who I had photographed before, and who is always great, and Sady (above), who literally came out of nowhere, and really brought it.  It was like I won the photography lottery.  Again, here’s the full set on my flickr page.

1956 Mercury

From these, we are just going from strength to strength.  I’ve done more that I haven’t even mentioned here, I have  more photoshoots lined up, exploring more networking options, trying to get out as much as possible now.

And to you, Generation Nation, I just want say another huge “Thank You” for supporting me through this time.  Thank you to everyone who supports my photography, my art and my vision.

Stay tuned, friends, it’s just getting good.



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